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Language files

LanguageFor LatestURL
Arabic Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Brazilian Portuguese Language File Opus 12 Download from sourceforge outlink
Czech Language File Opus 10 Download from sourceforge outlink
Dansk Sprog Fil. Opus 9 Dataoverfore af sourceforge outlink
Deutsche Sprachendatei Opus 13 Downloaden von sourceforge outlink
Dutch Language File Opus 12 Downloaden from sourceforge outlink
English Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Spanish Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Indonesian Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Italian Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Plik ze spolszczeniem Opus 10 Pobierz z Sourceforge outlink
Thai Language File Opus 13 Download from sourceforge outlink
Turkce Dil Dosyasi Opus 13 Sourceforgedan indir outlink


Wikepage 2008.1 Opus 14 Hertzsprung-Russel is released!

Tue, 14 Oct 2008 - 22:32:13 CEST  [Edit ]

As we announced before, last version of the Wikepage is ready now. This version is called 2008.1 Opus 14 "Hertzsprung-Russel" and it is the first release after 17 months (2007.2). After this release, new development team (Mr Jose N Medeiros and Mr Del Rudolph)will start to study a new wikepage engine. Please do not forget to visit us again. At least do not forget to control your admin Pages. Your wikepage will warn you for the new release at the admin page. The recent version of wikepage is more stable than ever. Three important bugs are fixed. And now, you can view flash files and youtube in your site. Here is the changelog for the 2008.1.

  • Flash files are now supported,
  • YouTube video support,
  • Simple Banner feature is removed,
  • New 2008.1 theme.
  • Solved wrong fclose call. SF BUG: 1703523
  • Created default option to $type param on filter function. SF BUG: 1703529.
  • Solved XSS-Cross-Site Scripting bug. SF BUG: 1938445

You can download the Opus 14 from here outlink .

New developers and wikepage's future

Tue, 07 Oct 2008 - 20:19:40 CEST  [Edit ]

I am happy to announce that Wikepage has a new developer. Jose N. Medeiros will be the new lead programmer of the project. Welcome Jose. Of course, with a two active developers, we have some plans for the future of wikepage. Firstly, we plan the release the 2008.1 as soon as possible. This release will be the last classic Wikepage. It will have YouTube support and some bugfixes. As you know, wikepage is a small single-file php script. After 2008.1, new wikepage will be completely rewritten. It planned to be a plugin supported microcode. SQLite and MySQL support, simple user authorization, a new administration, wikipedia type wiki-syntax and some other features are planned to be included in the new Wikepage. We will change the roadmap section at the Development page with including TODOs. Please visit us later for more information about the roadmap and new features of the future wikepage. And lastly.. with a microcode style index.php, previous prime directive* can not be logical any more. New wikepage will have its own new prime directive :) *:"index.php and zipped version of wikepage can not exceed a file size of 38911 bytes." Thanks for your interest, S. B. Lisesivdin

Developers wanted.

Sun, 15 Jun 2008 - 20:39:21 CEST  [Edit ]

For a while, I am so busy and I can't pay attention to wike. And I think from now on I will not. Personally, wikepage was like a home for me. It was my last connection to my old formation "Cyrocom". For a 30Kb script, it worked well! A homepage, a work page, a blog... In every scenario, I used it. With over 17000 downloads, it is used in many sites. In Fig.1, download number versus date is shown. Fig. 1 Wikepage download statistics

Spanish Translation

Sun, 16 Dec 2007 - 22:02:40 CEST  [Edit ]

Thanks to Mr. Hector Fiel Martin for the spanish translation for Opus 13.

German translation for Opus 13

Tue, 09 Oct 2007 - 18:17:45 CEST  [Edit ]

Thanks to Dr. Detlef Steuer for the new translation for Opus 13.

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